About Me

I'm a writer, coder, founder, and hella curious human from rural Massachusetts but currently living in Chicago.

Some things that get me really excited are ownership on a project I care about, creating value for others, optimizing for the human brain, and graphs (i.e., nodes and edges; not just plots and pie charts). Graphs are a weird one, but they stick with me - there's something about them that makes me feel bubbly.

Creating comes first for me - both for my own wellbeing and the value I provide to the world. I love to create tools and stories that help individuals flourish and forge connections with others. For this reason, I'm particularly interested in how we can create a more sustainable, healthier creator economy.

I approach my life with serious intention but am also incredibly concerned with enjoying the process and experimenting with the world. I tend to work a lot. I laugh a lot. I'm seriously playful - that's also the name of my newsletter.

I'm currently a student at the University of Chicago, interested in computer science, art history, and cognitive science. My dream (which I choose to live every day) is building things that help people live more authentic experiences and flourish in their personhood.

I find it exciting and important to help people close the gap between "this is the life I'm living" and "this is the life I want to lead."