I love creating and building community. My projects often reflect two of my core values: independence and flourishing by helping others flourish. Here is a short list of my ventures.

Spark Labs
Creating personal relationships between creators and their audiences.

The Infinite Learner
A podcast focused on the future of learning. Education is an infinite game. We are on a mission to treat it that way — to own our education and discover how we can learn and create better.

I take my writing seriously. I'm not lying when I say it's the best part of my day. I write every single day, and I publish every other day. Most of my writing focuses on the following question: how can we lead lives unbounded by fear and driven by curiosity?

Icarus Unbound
With the same name as my publication on Medium, Icarus Unbound is my moonshot project. In short, it's the brand behind which I'm working to create products that help individuals flourish and create connections with others through their work.

Past Projects

Mental Health Awareness Alliance
I founded a mental health awareness alliance in my home county based on a philosophy of starting from the people you serve. In short, it was a student-led and -operated group dedicated to supporting student mental health. In its 18 month life-span (before I went to college), we secured roughly $7000 in funding for our work to increase accessibility for mental health supports and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.